Food industrial technique for processing Freeze dried fruit in bulk

Freeze dried fruit in bulk is doing with a technically processing in food industry. Lyophilization is a drying technique for cold, a common process known in the food industry. It has the advantage of maintaining full organoleptic properties of foods. This method is performed under vacuum. The word derives from the Greek, which translates as “made to love solutions or obtain a product of very easy solution and or regeneration. The bottom line, you have to have a special machine, called lyophilizer. In this the processed product ready for drying is introduced. Vacuum environment, where they feel the low temperatures at about -40 ° C. Produced Here sublimation occurs, i.e. the product goes directly from solid to gas without going through liquid. This basically applies to the absolutely dry water content of the food, which sublimes ending without any solid matter remaining liquid. Recall that when generating environments vacuum , we can play with the temperatures of evaporation of water , because we know that water boils at 100 ° C , but if we create environments pressure vacuum , we can make it boil until 120 ° C (as in the if the pressure cookers ). But lyophilization as cold environment only generates high vacuum pressures is able to make the water evaporate at -40 ° C, and that’s what makes the lyophilizer. Dehydrate low temperatures, as in the case of our home refrigerator. Product as mentioned before is dry, but water is the only thing lost. Flavor remains as sapid characteristic aroma components are maintained, i.e. there are no alterations in the product. You can check online some video for Freeze dried fruit in bulk.

All tastes and aromas are preserved as if it were a fresh product. Basically, when a product we dry heat, water and lose flavor is very concentrated, but high temperatures make the natural taste and aroma change dramatically. Sometimes it’s good, but is characterized by lyophilization. There is one that is the most consumed in the world, coffee. Those ready for use in machines or directly into the cup freeze dried instant coffee is simply coffee or any Freeze dried fruit in bulk. Then the range of dried herbs is commonly lyophilized, such as dill, parsley, chives among many. The food industry progresses and today we have fruits, vegetables and even meats. We have for a while. Since the equipment is expensive and the processes and labor too. Plus it takes longer than a simple dehydration, but fortunately lyophilized products remain cheap. The vanguard of the kitchen would not be left behind, and began using freeze dryers for dehydrating preparations ever thought. Obviously the mentor of this crazy idea was Aria himself, who shows us some of his ideas that have been served in its extensive menus. Maybe in a few years , the food industry adoption increases it lyophilized products as necessary if this continues and globalization of food scarcity forces us to dehydrate almost anything to preserve aroma and flavor. And maybe freeze dryer’s manufactured home to be used in restaurants where chefs use their ingenuity to their menus dehydrated. Either way, we know the meaning of the concept or we realize that practically much of our lives have been nourishing lyophilized. You can be able to order online for Freeze dried fruit in bulk processing in very cheap prices.

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