9 reasons to switch from Drupal to WordPress

WordPress is taking into account the most essential functions of a professional and practical design and web structure. WordPress is very easy to use, highly customizable, responsive Mega Menu WordPress plugin. It helps out of the box with the WordPress menu system 3 so it is easy to use but powerful enough to create configurations customized and creative mega menu.
Being the number one downloaded and ThemeForest plugin. It is to be an essential plugin for your web projects. The new plugin for WordPress is the best gallery of sensory images and HTML content of all plugging slider with touch – navigation blow. This plug-in easy to use and allows you to create fully customized presentations and slides css3 banner rotator with pictures, videos, HTML content slides. For the photo gallery you can enable vertical or horizontal thumbnails enable lazy loading or full screen. This carousel is compatible with YouTube video allowing you to create video galleries. Create a slider or sensitive full width, with all the effects and meanwhile keep your SEO (all content always readable by search engines). View tons of products transitions animations for each object on the page. Customize this slider with drag and drop, completely tailored to your own needs. This plug-in includes a lot of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, auto play that stops on user interaction. Visual Composer for WordPress gets the best for your website and competes with the best.
Have you noticed the amount of time you spend fighting with? No more trial and errors with short codes magic, Visual Composer will take care of that and more. Add columns elements with one click and then use your mouse to drag items and organize your design with simplicity never imagine. If you use WordPress, you need custom forms and if they do not like wasting time or simply do not want to touch any code, this is the indispensable tool for you. When working with Drupal we often need to integrate with email, this article covers the various alternatives without going deep into the world of email. But if you want to send, receive and record incoming and outgoing emails from your site, this article will interest you. A person where I was consulted Drupal how safe they wanted to rate it as a candidate for new developments in your company. The mail got me thinking a bit about this matter and these reflections emerged this article to discuss how secure is Drupal. I really like the Views module, seriously, it is flexible, powerful, and with a few clicks can be very useful things.
But sometimes we need Views, either because they have a conflict unresolved childhood, or because the system requirements so indicate, or performance or whatever, sometimes we cannot use Views. And although this now included in Drupal 8 still other alternatives to build lists. Let us see how we can put together a gallery without using views. Continue reading
10 tips to consider before publishing a site in Drupal. Everything is ready to go into production. But the definition of everything is ready is quite broad, here are some tips and things to check before giving birth to our little baby Drupal. Continue reading Subscribers, forgotten readers.

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