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Fundamentals Of Electric Cigarettes That To Know

Cigarette smoking has become much of a fashion nowadays, and it is mostly due to the youngsters. If you are a chain smoker, and have good knowledge about the latest updates in this market, you must know about a term e-cigarette or electric cigarette.

Electric cigarettes were first invented in China around 2003 and since then have gained popularity. In fact, many people who never smoked before have started smoking after trying the electric cigarette only once. In the last one decade, electric cigarettes have entered the market very rapidly and have started replacing the traditional ones. It has become a trend today. So let’s discuss the De basisbeginselen van de Elektronische sigaret.

Most of the e-cigarettes, like traditional ones, come in the common cylindrical shape. Most of the e-cigarettes have replaceable parts that can be interchangeable within different brands. The disposable ones have a single component which is disposed of off once the liquid gets over. But all of them have a container to contain the liquid, liquid delivery system and a power source.
The basic components of an e-cigarette are:


It’s a liquid solution which produces an aerosol when heated. It mainly consists of propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, along with flavours. Sometimes certain levels of alcohol and nicotine derived from tobacco are also added to the liquid.
The concentrations of the ingredients and flavours do vary. The liquid is refillable and is available in cartridges. The liquids are separately labelled. You can choose the flavour, the nicotine content, etc. The kit is also available from which you can make your own e-liquid and vary the concentration and flavour. Many people do prefer the kit method from which one can make the e-liquid on their own according to their need.


It is mainly the heating element which is used for vaporizing the liquid. It also consists of a wick that absorbs the liquid. The wick has resistance wire coiled around it, and the resistance wire is connected with positive and negative terminal. The wire gets heated up when current is passed through it. So it turns the liquid into vapours that are inhaled by the user.A cartomizer comprises of an atomiser that is surrounded by liquid soaked poly foam and acts a liquid holder.

The most important component in an electric cigarette is its power source. You will find most of the e-cigarettes having rechargeable battery as their power source while others having a cigarette pack shaped charging case that is its portable charger. The pack contains a battery which is capable of providing a larger power supply. Many other modern e-cigarettes have more sophisticated power supply system.
E-cigarettes are available with many kinds of additional features. In many cigarettes, the battery has a voltage controller which lets you regulate the power supply. Many other batteries have additional systems like airflow sensor which automatically turns on the e-cigarette when you draw your breath through it. Many others have LED lights to indicate the battery status.
So, it’s now your time to try one and find out the benefits. For more details, go to: