17 Reasons WordPress is a Better CMS than Drupal

In online web with literally thousands of wordpress plug-in available, finding the most excellent WordPress plugins for your web design can be hard and time consuming. It is taking into account the most essential functions of a professional and practical design and web structure. WordPress are one powerful personal publishing platform and with a great quantity of features incorporated, designed to as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible to the sea experience publishing on the Internet. It WordPress development team is proud to offer a personal publishing system freely distributed, standards -based web, with one configuration and features thought and an extremely customizable core. WordPress designed to be installed on the web server regardless if you’re on dedicated tracks), and reads grants absolute power s website. You can sign to make sure that you will be able to access and modify aspect blog, in case you need it. WordPress can sign be installed on the computer, even the one in Intranet. Blogs are an excellent way to improve search strategies engine optimization Internet world today. Accessing external content to bloggers, as well as hosting and maintaining your own blog, are discrete ways that all search engine optimization professionals should consider.

A web blog is described as a collection of texts, images and video that usually updated in chronological order on a daily or weekly basis. In the blogosphere and online media, it is quite common to find an article below, a list of related articles (related articles) associated with the author or some keywords. I propose today a post that will explain how to create a block with articles related to taxonomy terms to the current node with Views 3 in Drupal 7.x they will be quite simple and fast as many times with Drupal. Create the block of related articles. For this example we will use the node type and vocabulary Article Tag default. I will add in brackets the English translation for those who usually work with English interface. It is showing the block in the node via the interface block Drupal. The easiest way to show our block is going in Structure, Blocks and place the block in the content region. The only problem is that our block will appear below the comments. In a future post, I will explain how to place this block more accurately. If you have a question, feel free to comment. The Drupal community is there to help. Given the huge success that tube my first article ” Drupal 7: Over 100 votes for your ecommerce modules, today I bring you something very similar but this time to create your online store. Before starting I would recommend that before installing your online store, you guy the commerce drupal commerce that provides a pretty good base to start pitching a tent, actually brings a test store that allows you to install during the installation drupal. Distribution to commerce drupal still brings a multitude of very good and useful to start riding a simple website, but not enough commerce modules so I decided to create this list we can add modules and thus add functionality to our online store.

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